A prefabricated panelized approach to home building is the norm in Scandinavia. A single house can be framed in a factory in less than 24 hours and assembled on site in as little as three days. Once the shell of the home is standing, there are ample opportunities for local sub-contractors to secure months of work that is ideal for jobs training and apprenticeship programs. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, the pre-fabricated process optimizes material use and reduces waste generation. Usually, in on-site, stick-built construction 30% of the material purchased for home construction goes straight into the dumpster. Building in a factory setting and shipping panels to the site mitigates the cost of delivering material to rural sites and the constraints of a small rural labor force.

Simple Homes

“United by a shared belief that there must be a way to build better, Simple Homes is inspired by a working case study for what building better actually looks like – Sweden. Whereas U.S. builders have tried for years to adopt more efficient off-site construction methods, Swedish builders have been doing it for decades, with over 90% of Swedish residential construction built in factories. 

Today they’re using design, technology, and Swedish-inspired panelized off-site construction to help folks build better houses and eliminate waste in the homebuilding industry. They’re working with a number of the leading builders and developers in Colorado and look forward to scaling their impact over the coming years.”